Break free 

 from the long-term effects 

 of childhood trauma


Effective psychological therapies can help you achieve your goals for improved quality of life, healing and recovery.

 This is achieved through a collaborative approach where you are involved in all decisions about your therapy.

 Together, we find real hope, based on an accurate assessment of what can be changed and accomplished. 

 All therapy is trauma-informed.

This means therapy is  based on the most up-to-date knowledge about how trauma affects the mind, brain and body. 

Trauma during childhood can become stuck in the brain and body. As an adult, you may find yourself unable to leave the past behind. Therapy can free you from flashbacks, panic, terror, fear, confusion, depression, hopelessness, despair, overwhelm and shutdown. The goal is to be able to experience present safety, instead of constantly re-experiencing the danger, despair and confusion of the past.

Special attention is paid to making sure you are not re-traumatized, and that you always feel safe and supported. 

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